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Abbas Zaidi is an Accounting professional,  Quickbooks proadvisor and a California registered tax preparer. He started his accounting career in August 2004 as a Junior Accountant for a hotel and worked his way up to become a CFO for a Construction firm most recently, Abbas Zaidi has diversified experience in different industries which has given him the privilege to work with and help the small business community.

Abbas Zaidi


  1. January 23, 2017    

    Attention all individuals and small business owners, the tax season is almost here. Please arrange your W-2, 1099, Mortgage Statements, Education related statements, Stock statements and every possible document related to income or deductions.
    Small business owners prepare your financials which are mainly the Profit and loss Statement and the Balance Sheet.
    At A-Z Acctax Services, we provide professional tax solutions and advise. Please bring along the last year’s taxes so that we can get the best possible outcome for you or your business.

  2. January 25, 2017    

    A lot of small businesses do not realize the true importance of having accurate and healthy financials that is Profit and loss Statements and Balance Sheet. I always advise my clients and work with them on it on a monthly basis and compare them with prior years for some following reasons:
    1. They help track the health of the business.
    2. They can obtain financing from banks and financial institutions based on those financials.
    3. Leasing Equipments or Machinery.
    4. Cashflow projections and many more.
    At A-Z Acctax Services we specialize in consulting about them.

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